MINISO's penguin plush toy Penpen helps native forest regeneration effort in the Andes Mountains Image

MINISO's penguin plush toy Penpen helps native forest regeneration effort in the Andes Mountains

Posted by Jun Jian on February 04, 2022

Lifestyle retailer MINISO is partnering with Peruvian NGO ECOAN (Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos) to contribute to the community reforestation effort in the Andes mountains through the Acción Andina initiative.

From November 13 onwards, MINISO will donate $1.33 to Acción Andina for every purchase of the brand's Penpen plush toy at selected MINISO stores. All proceeds will go towards the group's tree planting effort in the Andes. The first 115,000 customers to purchase the Penpen plush toy will receive a donor certification in appreciation of their effort.

A penguin from MINISO's original creation, the Mini Family, Penpen was born out of a desire to draw public attention to global warming and climate change – the biggest threat to this animal species. Studies show that global warming is impacting the penguin's feeding grounds and its living environment. Over the past 25 years for example, the Adélie penguin population has declined by more than 65% in the Antarctic Peninsula. MINISO hopes that Penpen can inspire everyone to protect the environment.

"Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and is a topic close to our heart. In order to mitigate the effects of climate change and to restore the world to its natural glory, it is imperative for us to achieve carbon neutrality. This is what people around the world are working towards," said MINISO's Overseas VP, Vincent Huang. "Our way of contributing to this common aim is to plant trees. By helping to regenerate native forests in South America's Andes Mountains, we help local and indigenous communities protect biodiversity. I hope that our global consumers will be inspired by the call to participate in this fundraising drive through our selected stores."

"Forests are the game changer in fighting climate change," said ECOAN executive C. Aucca. "We hope to spread awareness of this urgency among the younger generation by tapping into MINISO's clientele of young consumers."

Co-founded by Peruvian NGO ECOAN and internationally recognized Global Forest Generation in 2018, the Acción Andina initiative has seen over 3 million trees planted in the Andes mountains to date. It also plays a vital role in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

MINISO's presence in the Americas has rapidly advanced since its market entry along the US west coast in 2017. In recent months, MINISO has nearly doubled down in the US by opening a series of stores under the '$10 N' Under' concept where most items are priced at $10 or under. The brand's presence in Mexico is also one of its biggest internationally. MINISO can be found in other Latin American markets such as Colombia, Chile, and Panama.

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