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Miniso Rewards FAQ

The Miniso Rewards Program is a free loyalty program of MINISO USA. Customers can earn points on all merchandise purchases and redeem points for in-store credit. 

Sign up here. Miniso Rewards is applicable at participating MINISO USA locations. 

MiniPoints can only be redeemed once it reaches a 100 point benchmark in-store. Please inform our staff of the amount you would like to redeem for the current purchase. 

MINISO Rewards members can redeem $1 in-store credit for every 20 points. Some exclusions may apply. Points are only available for redemption when 100 points have been accumulated.

The point balance can be found on your receipt or you can inquire from our staff. You can also click here.

If you forget to inform our staff about being a MINISO Rewards member at the time of purchase, you can email us at with a copy of your receipt for purchases within the past 7 days.

We are sorry to inform that currently the MINISO Rewards program is only applicable in-store. Online purchases will not be counted toward point accumulation.

Points will not expire. Redeem anytime you want!

1 MiniPoint will be rewarded for every dollar spent. Cents will not be rounded or carried over to the next transaction.

Please email us at and we will gladly assist you! 

Purchases that received discounts from Minipoints redemption must be returned in full, partial returns will not be accepted.

MiniFriends Privacy FAQ

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