Show your love to Mom with MINISO products! Image

Show your love to Mom with MINISO products!

Posted by Carrie Yam on April 20, 2022

PenPen might be taking a break from being Cupid on Valentines’ Day, but he still hears your call. With Mothers’ Day coming up, he knows we all have a hard time thinking of the best gift for our Moms.

 “The Best Gift is not about the price, but the meaning behind the gift is what creates its value.”

This Mothers’ Day, we’ve got you covered! The following MINISO products might be the perfect, trendy gifts to express gratitude to your mom. Most importantly, some of them are $10 N’ Under :)

MINISO Animal Soft & Elastic Face Wash Headband

Who says moms cannot be cute when you become a mom? They can still wear any cutesy item that caught their eye and feel 17! While we wash our faces everyday, instead of having our hair tied up so strands of hair don’t get on our faces, get a MINISO Animal Soft & Elastic Face Wash Headband! As it comes in three different animal designs: White Bear, Pink Rabbit and Koala, you can do a mix-&-match headband with mom, and enjoy some chillax facials sessions together at home <3

MINISO Eye Vibration Rod

What makes the facial session even better, is to give your mom a simple eye bag treatment with our Eye Vibration Rod! With an arc-faced massage head, this electrical massager microvibrates and warms up as you roll it around your face, especially around the eyes. It assists to eliminate edema, wrinkles and tighten your facial skin. One bonus point: It is small in size with auto power off and USB charging, so definitely portable for travelling as well. If you are planning to take your mum on a trip, don’t forget to bring this buddy with you!

MINISO We Bare Bears Collection 4.0 Frying Pan 12 inch

The most common surprise idea on Mothers’ Day is breakfast-in-bed. This is no doubt, one of the best gift ideas. Considering the days when our moms wake up early in the morning to get us prepared for school, and serves us a nutritious breakfast. On this very special day, it is our turn to be that morning person, and make lovely We Bare Bears Pancakes for our moms. Bon appetit! 

MINISO Mini Family Sports Ceramic Mug 330mL

Along with the tasty We Bare Bears Pancakes, always make sure to serve a homemade warm coffee at the side to start off the morning! This mug has got the cuteness and lively energy, with little PenPen playing soccer on the coaster. Not only is the mug big enough to serve a nice handmade drink, it also comes with a yellow soccer stirring rod that assist to make sure the flavorings in the drink are evenly distributed! (As you know, we have to make this breakfast perfect!)

These products are available in our USA stores and the online shopping site as well! Shop with us online at

Wish you all an early Happy Mothers’ Day. Share your joy, happiness and lots of us with us, only at MINISO!


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